Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fantastic Etsy Quote

It's been an interesting weekend. Full of ups and downs. I think I really wanted to believe that crafting was a fabulous, wonderful and joyous occasion. Where everyone gets along, and there is no strife. Where in reality... Just as the rest of life, this isn't really true.

I came across this quote while checking out Etsy... and was reminded that all creators are not always equal. And that's okay.

"Just when I think I am a little skilled, I humbly lower my head and look at a person who is grand. Not only because of what he produces but because he produces with inner strength and it shows. It is great to create, even better it is when you found out the reason why...! Beautiful people are out there." yimmekedesign

I'm going to end this weekend on a high note, and plan for this week's crafting. It will be the first full week of summer for me! Got to love those summer days... Pin It

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