Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cute Cards!

Loving my Counterfeit Kit for the month of May!! Seriously, I love when kits just go perfectly the way I want them to. In this case, the cards are just pretty darn cute. I even have one more that I used the cute bicycle stamp on!! That one, I'm saving for tomorrow...

The first one was a lovely little card for my mom's birthday, and the second is for a friend that I do miss. I would love to brighten her day just a little bit. I have a bunch more cards to make this weekend, and a few layouts to work on as well. Just for me. Pin It


  1. These are definitely "pretty darn cute"! Love these, Heather!

  2. Super cute, in fact I pinned that left one to lift later (if I may?).

    1. Thanks!! That's such a compliment! Lift away!!

  3. These are so cool!!! Love love love!!!

  4. Truely darn cute cards! love them.