Friday, July 5, 2013

Preparing for CHA: How to Restick Silhouette Mats

While I cannot (yet!) give a bunch of sneaks of some of my CHA/Create-N-Connect projects for Authentique, I can share with you how I am re-sticking my Silhouette mats. I find that after awhile, they get unsticky, and then the paper goes all sorts of wonky, and then, yeah... Makes for an unhappy crafter.
Here's my simple fix. Wipe the entire mat with a baby wipe. I get mine scent-free and from Costco. Mainly because I don't like baby wipe smell, and they are cheap there. We go through a lot. They are ALL over the house. You could probably use dish soap and just gently clean without scrubbing...

LET DRY. ALL THE WAY. Seriously, this is an important step. The caps are for me. I'm not patient. 

Use glue of some sort that still stays kind of tacky. I like the ZIG Memory System's 2 Way Glue. The big one.  Some people use spray glue. I think Making Memories has one that you use with their cutter that works... I always like the ZIG glue. Probably because I can stay in the lines better. Cover the entire mat (within the lines) with a thin layer of glue. Let dry. 

At that point, if you covered all the parts of the mat, you're good to go. Otherwise, do another thin layer of glue and let dry again. Until the mat is falling apart (and you've run out of clear packing tape for the back!) you can restick as needed. 
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  1. Nice tip! I have heard that Zig pens work but now that I can see which on exactly, I am totally all over this!

  2. Yeah! I am so glad you did this post! I need to do this with my mats and can never remember what to use!Thank you!