Monday, February 16, 2015

Return to Bloggerland...

I'll admit, I've been a horrible blogger. I haven't shared much since the year started. Sorry! Life has gotten in the way. I actually have been creating, but have been doing so in kind of a vacuum.  I just haven't been sharing. So, I've actually snapped pics of the ten (so far!) layouts that I have created since last November/December... And I'm going to share them about three or four a week. Once they are all shared, I'm going to go through my stash and do a giveaway. Just for fun. So, here's my return to sharing once again. For this first project, I used my November Shop Your Stash Kit (list of contents on the original post).
This was actually a really great sketch by my friend Brenda Smith for ScrapbookSteals' Mid-Week Mojo's. She's pretty fantastic. You should really check her out. I kind of love this picture. It's my classroom on the last day of school. I had actually vowed not to return until September started... And for once in my life, actually kept that vow. I really needed summer. So did my girls. Here's the sketch if you'd like. Enjoy!

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