Why "Goldiecar"

After high school, I was a middle school youth group leader. I loved that gig! We went to camp with 150 kids, multiple times, played games, sang songs, and I learned how to be a teacher.

It was from a few of these students, that the name Goldiecar came about.

At the time, I was driving a burgundy 1980 Volvo 244D. It was my dream car (okay... my dream was kind of lame...)

I also babysat a few of the girls from time to time, and one day three of them were in my car with me. Asking a million questions, including "What's your cars name?"

I had no response, so they came up with their own name: Goldie Jaq Hans Felix Volvo III

Apparently, the spelling of "Jaq", and the fact that it was the "III" made it sound a lot fancier than my little reddish car really was.

Unfortunately, Goldie died one day. We revived her and Frankensteined my brother's Volvo with her and she became Goldie IV. Alas, this was not to be... and she silenced her engine a year later.

Everyone in my life knew about Goldie, and it just became matter of fact.

So, there you have it!

~Heather Pin It

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