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Hey crafty peeps! You've noticed that this is a new page on my blog, and it's here where I wanted to explain what I'm doing with my Shop Your Stash kits.

During the Summer of 2014, I realized that I wasn't using the products from my kits that I purchased each month. Taking a cue from my husband's business background, I was not working within a 'sustainable business model'. Meaning, I was spending more money, than the amount of product I was using. This was not good, and totally not the deal that I made with myself to use my kits within a month of receiving them. Something had to change.

August of 2014 I created my first non-challenge, just because kit. I have previously participated in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge (amazing site BTW!) and really wanted to use my stash to get back the mojo that I thought I had lost. I found a current kit that I loved and started from there. Then I continued in September with a snippet of a sneak from a different kit club. The reality was however, I wasn't creating these as a challenge, or as a group, and although I love kits... I don't want to imitate or copy anyone else. I really want to stay true to myself and simply... Shop My Stash.

Because some people are rule followers, or at least need some guidelines (yours truly included)... Here are my few, and totally breakable "rules":
  • Find a mood board, grouping of images, color palette, etc. that "speaks" to you and Pin that sucker on your Pinterest board, save it to your computer, etc. Use it. Refer to it. Switch it up if you need to.
  • Find products in your stash that you love. Don't hide that pretty paper. It's not going to get any prettier by sitting around for ten years. 
  • Using your inspiration pic, find colors, patterns, textures, images that remind you of those images in your pretty papers and items. 
  • Drag it all out on the floor and see what you have. If it doesn't look good, go find something else. 
  • Snap a pic of the combo of items... Take an hour, a day, ask a friend. If you think something is wrong, or missing, or it's off somehow, it probably is. Time or another person may be able to help. I do this ALL the time.
  • If you know that there is a hole, and you know what you need (a certain pattern, a certain color of cardstock, that one embellishment from the craft store that you KNOW will make this kit perfect...) GO BUY IT! I view this as a crafting diet; sometimes you still need dessert.
  • Have fun. Seriously, it's not rocket surgery, it's crafting. Have fun with it!
Here's my go-to list for items I usually include in my "kits":
  • 4 pieces of cardstock
  • 8-12 pieces of patterned paper - Mix up S/M/L patterns in both monochromatic and multi-colored versions. I always like to have at least one really BOLD and many patterned papers that can also act as SOLIDS. 
  • 2 alphas - Find two sizes: one Thicker or chipboard and one smaller sticker version work well
  • 1 Ribbon/Twine/Washi/etc.
  • Flat embellishments like stickers, rub-ons, or die cut shapes
  • Die cut cards (find them for free on Pinterest!)
  • Brads, buttons, enamel dots, wood veneer, or other small embellishment
  • Some sort of border, tickets, or something fun that's bigger
  • Stamp(s), inks, sprays, etc.
  • If the month has a holiday, birthday, special event, something, add items special to that event in your kit. You're probably going to scrap more for that event anyway!
Ultimately, if you don't like what you are using, you're not going to make fun projects. If you really want something new and shiny, add that one or two (or ten!) items to your kit to make it special. If you are trying not to purchase a ton of new stuff, only to have it sit on your shelf, knowing what you want or need can help you not overspend. Pin It

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