Saturday, July 30, 2011

100 Projects...

I just agreed to making 100 projects before I made any more purchases. While I don't really 'need' anything... It's always fun to buy.

Rules are:
Glue doesn't count. Without glue... I couldn't make anything...
EDIT: 3 Cards =1 project (I talked T down!!!)
Layouts can be 1 page or 2 page... Depends on the sketch or layout.

Other than that... It's 100 projects....

I'm excited for the challenge. I have most everything I need. We will see how it goes :) Pin It

Monday, July 25, 2011

MWM 51, 52 and Sapphire!!

Here are my layouts for Sapphire!! I finally finished the last few that I was working on. I also added the next two layouts to round out my 52 for 52 weeks for ScrapbookSteals' Mid-Week Mojos! I know! 52 layouts in 52 weeks, plus challenges, and additional layouts!! That's a lot of scrapping... No wonder I have so much stuff!!


MWM 31: Ho, Ho, Ho!
MWM 32: Wonderful
MWM 33: Happy Birthday
MWM 34: Little Guy
MWM 35: Isla, It's You
MWM 36
MWM 37: What do You Want Chica to Wear?
MWM 38: Little Kisses
MWM 39: Isla Sofi: You are so Beautiful
MWM 40: Easter 2011

And the next Jewel...
MWM 51: Happy Birthday
MWM 52: Lovely
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Friday, July 22, 2011

A few cards: Happy Birthday(x2), Congrats(x2) & Another Card Set

Here is my Happy Birthday Card for my friend Hannah! I made a banner card. I made sure that I didn't put the year, or her birthday year, so she could use it for decoration later!
My Little Shoebox Farmers Market paper, the Jillibean Soup Beanstalks and AC Cardstock in blue.

Here is another card set that I made using American Crafts, My Minds Eye, the Twinery, Cosmo Cricket, Prima, ribbon and some paper twine. I mixed and matched all different lines to achieve the set.
This is a super cute card for one of my friend's little girl, Budgie. Isla is a brunette, and Budgie is a redhead... So this was perfect! Plus, they are only about 19 days apart, and bestest friends! It's a combination of a little bit of My Little Shoebox letters, iRock bling, My Mind's Eye little girls, a Sassafras number and kraft paper.
I was tasked with making a card for a dear friend who just got a great new job in the scrapbooking industry. While we will all miss her from her previous position... She's going to do great!!

While the Canadian Post strike was going on, one of my Canadian friends wasn't able to send her card. I made one for her in the colors that she liked: blues, greens and browns.
This is the one that I created for her. I freed myself up to do a few things that I don't normally do. I included some shaped paper twine, Glossy Accents, a little bling, and just had fun with it!
A few details... Glossy Accents (I have to figure out how to get the bubbles out!!)
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Craftaholic's Anonymous Gift Swap: SnugglyMonkeyCo.

A few months ago, I saw a Handmade Gift Exchange on the Craftaholics Anonymous website. I decided to participate, not really knowing what I was getting myself into!! I mean, what should I do?? I could have made a card set, notebook, covered something in paper, but I ended up making a blank mini album.

I exchanged gifts with Claudia over at Her Etsy shop is here. I loved her shop as soon as I saw it!!

Here are the fantastic gifts I received! She made me an ouchie pouch for Isla, and a fantastic pencil case that we currently are using for Isla's Crayola Wonder Markers.
Cute ouchie pouch!!
Isn't this case adorable! It's lined on the inside with green fabric!
Here are the photographs that Claudia took of the gift I sent her way!!

All in all... This was a fantastic swap! Pin It

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm GOLD baby!!!! (ScrapbookSteals MWM 41-50)

Another 10 layouts (not including SS challenges, or additional layouts...) and I made GOLD! Okay, so I have a few Sapphire layouts to round out my 50 total... But this has been a pretty productive year so far. So, without further ado... My GOLD layouts for's Mid-Week Mojo's!!

MWM 41: Adults Only!
MWM 42: NBPTS: The Box
MWM 43: New Friends
MWM 44: A Day in the Life
MWM 45: Where'd He Go?
MWM 46: Junior Daffodil Parade
MWM 47: Good Morning (Good Morning, Good Morning)
MWM 48: Cute
MWM 49: Going 2 the Zoo!
MWM 50: B.F.F

I'm ready for the next two to finalize the year. I cannot wait to continue with year two!! Pin It

Friday, July 8, 2011

MWM 50: My love affair with Peachy Keen

I am in love with American Craft's Peachy Keen. When I first saw it online... I was a little unsure, but in person... Sigh! It's just the perfect amount of masculine and feminine. It's chock full of lovely teals, peaches, yellows and greys. AHHHHHHH!!!!

I made my 50th Mid-Week Mojo for!! I have at least made 50 layouts, plus challenges (give or take the few that I still have to finish this weekend!!)
Some of the details of the fabulousness!!
The only non-American Crafts detail... My Little Shoebox letters...
The Thickers are BEAUTIFUL!
And my favorite... The resin flower brads!
All in all... Peachy Keen is fantastic, and I cannot wait to use more!

PS. Happy Birthday Scrapbooksteals!!!

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