Sunday, October 17, 2010

MWM's 1-12--I'm part of the Diamond Club!!

So the following (or preceding, if you go chronologically), is my entries for 's Mid Week Mojo's!!

I decided to turn all of these fantastic layout designs into a calendar. Seems easy, right??? It's so not. I think I spent about four hours, six weeks ago, figuring out which double sided paper, matched the month before or after it. Oh yeah... four hours!!! You'd think that picking 13 pieces of paper would be easier. I mixed lines and styles, as well as colors... This allowed for various embellishments to be used, as well as different kinds of photos displayed!!

Since I decided that I was going to use the MWM's for the layouts in the calendars, the color choices were already decided for me. Sometimes, the MWM used for the specific month, was solely because the base paper layer was already "outlined", or patterned in a way that fit for that month.

This was a huge undertaking! I admit... I was trying to get this done for the orignal date for the Diamond Club... but it just didn't happen. Work, the baby, the husband, life, just got in the way.

Like heck! I'm missing the Marquis/Platinum/Double Diamond (that was totally a ski term, wasn't it??)/whatever gem it's called... club!! I'm in it, to win it, baby!!!!

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