Monday, November 1, 2010

MWM #15, and the three Challenges!! is having their challenges once again! Here is my MWM #15: Happy Birthday Isla!! It was nice to finally put a place for her birthday photos. The layout included 5 landscape, and 1 portrait photo! Plus, a variation on patterns and styles of cuts. It was fun to make!! I opted to change the layout a tiny bit to include the rack of cupcakes that I bought specifically for her birthday!! Isla even "helped" me by pushing down the photos so they would stick.Challenge #2 was a challenge. 1 piece of shaped paper (under the circular chipboard), 2 photos, 3 words in the title, 4 pieces of chipboard, and 5 sentences in the journaling. It was a bit of a challenge, as I needed to make sure that all five sentences fit into the journaling circle. So... I practiced.
Challenge #3 was a little interesting for me, as I saw the challenge... and had an idea. The subject was Thankful. We needed to put down someone, or something that we were thankful for. I scrapbooked the things that make me sane enough to deal with the people that I am thankful for ;) Starbucks, my iPhone, and my Pink ATG gun.
Challenge #4 was all about the 4's. 4 brads, 4 ribbons (the two "woof" ribbons, and the 2 in the sticker), 4 stickers or rubons (I included the journaling sticker as one of them), and I included 4 photos and 4 letters in the title...
I love the MWM!!!
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