Thursday, March 17, 2011

No MLS Design Team for me... :( {Repost by the request of MLS-took it down until 3/31}

Calls went out for the My Little Shoebox today... It looks like I wasn't on the list.


Anyway... That does mean that I get to share and showcase the items I DID make for "tryouts".

The first photos are the birdhouse that I decorated. I think it looks a little empty... But I'm giving it away... So want to allow for the recipient to finish decorating it herself!!

The second was "Happy Spring" card. I added tulle and pins, as well as used a TON of dimensional adhesives...
"Brownies" was a lot of fun. I Versamarked the background with a flower stamp, added a LOT of bling, and used some really fun photos!
For this layout, I took a piece of shaped paper, cut it in half and then strung the two pieces together like an envelope. Then, I added a bunch of embellishments to decorate :)

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  1. Those are beautiful projects by you.. :)
    You can always try the next one..Dun give up..and really love your Japan post. & Thanks. I will keep spreading the word.

  2. @[[Azura]]

    Thank you!!! I had to repost this at a later date to respect MLS' wishes... I've got an entire summer to play, so I will be doing my best! :)

  3. what a cute photo of your kid! So gorgeous and full of life!