Sunday, April 3, 2011

MWM #36: Adding a Graffiti Wall

Kristy, the Mojo Guru over at created another fantastic Mid-Week Mojo! And of course, now that I'm done with NB's, I get to play (can you tell how excited I am already?!?!?!?)

The original sketch has a landscape 4x6" photo, a "graffiti" wall with stickers, rub-ons or some kind of other 'filler'. There is also a lot of space to journal and a title.
I changed mine up quite a bit. I used a portrait photo, did not include a title, and switch the placement of the graffiti wall. I did however get to use the monogram stickers that I bought for our wedding book... 6 years ago! Imagine actually using all of something that I bought so long ago! I loved them, but how many people do you know who's name starts with Q? Or Z?

The papers are from various lines of MyMind'sEye. Beloved and Quite Contrary. The buttons are from American Crafts's Love line. I bought them at Big Lot's for $1. Yeah, I know! The monogram stickers are K&Co. It was when I was still buying everything at Target. Enjoy! Pin It


  1. Aww this is such a gorgeous layout! Thanks for posting my candy and thank you for following my blog :) Good luck!

  2. I love this layout! so super cute! the buttons look great, did you stitch them to the papers?

  3. @Kyla and Dan Gunville Nope. I cheated and just made it look like I did. They have floss through them, and then a glue dot to hold the knot together :)

    PS. Thanks!!!