Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Scrapbook Room

I know that I've posted on this topic... But I was checking in with some of my favorite blogs, and was looking at KWernerDesign, and Kristina Werner was blogging about 90% of Crafter's have messy craft spaces. Usually... Mine never looks this good, but I was taking photos for and cleaned it up a bit.

I think that if I had a room however, it would be in a perpetual state of messiness. :)

Here is my overall space. Labeled for easy peeking!

My favorite embellishments! In a neat basket for easy reach.
A girl can never have too much paper!!
And I reused a lidded container for scraps. They make the best cards.

Here are my inspiration photos, projects, tools, and other important stuff :)
The things I usually try to hide. Stamps, glue, stickers and MORE stickers, Thickers (I would rather not have to explain why there are SO many of them!), and other stuff.
And because I don't have a devoted craft room... I usually take a lid and go "shopping" in my space so that I can work on my kitchen table. Notice the mat... I ALWAYS use a mat to line up stuff.

The only reason I can't show the messy... I have to clean up always. Grr... Someday! Pin It

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