Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I Did During My Many Snow Days...

In the Great Northwest, we don't get much snow. When we do get snow, it can cause some great havoc in our area. What most people don't really get about PNW snow, is that our ground is warmer (causing it to melt, then freeze...!), and we have the craziest hills all over the darn place. Not little, gently sloping hills, BIG hills. The kind that you are amazed when see people running or riding bikes all the way. Not only are there hills all around, there are these crazy overpasses that are forever freezing. All in all... It snowed 7" overnight. So we stayed home. I crafted. A lot. Here's a ton of cards that I made.
Rather than post them individually, I thought it would just be easier to collage them. I also was able to catch up on three of Kristy Lee's Mid-Week Mojo's from Heck yes!

Okay, just FYI, the first of the MWM's is actually a great sketch by guest sketcher Charity Becker. Charity has a great style that is completely her own. And this sketch was fun to create!!
Garnet 4
Splash: Remember When... We Went To Idaho

And the two that lovely Kristy Lee designed: 
Garnet 5

Garnet 6
Sweet Like Sugar

Now this isn't all that I did... I'll have to post the rest later. Although, there was a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer watching as well. <3

PS. I think I'm going to restart my 100 project challenge. I snagged a couple of deals and steals, so with these items and the five additional cards that are already enveloped up,  I'm up to 26/100!! Pin It

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