Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AUTHENTIQUE: Keychain Tutorial

Hello Authentique fans, Heather here with a great little tutorial. I was browsing Pinterest quite awhile ago, and came across this great little pin of a keychain using old gift cards. I never got the link to work, but the basic directions seemed easy enough to try to attempt to make.
I started with some basic supplies: Corner Chomper, Crop-o-Dile (you could probably also use a good paper hole punch), 1" punch, ModPodge, paintbrush (for the ModPodge), and some kind of key chain or ring to hold the pieces together. 
Authentique Paper products: 6x6 pad, Details, Elements (I used Delightful)
Start by cutting the giftcards down to a 1" by the length of the cards. Each card was a little wider than 2", so I ended up having to make an extra cut along one of the pieces.
Corner chomp the corners to round them.
Cut paper to match the size. I chose to double side each piece with a pattern on the front, and a plain piece on the back.
Use a small punch to punch out a few photos. Wallet sized photos work really well for this.
Lay out all your pieces, and add any extra bits (Diction, Elements, etc.)
Then ModPodge them all together onto the card base. Add the photo and ModPodge that as well.
Let dry.
Then use your Crop-o-Dile or hole punch to pop holes in the top, thread your choice of keychain through the holes, and use!!
Hope you had fun with this little tutorial! Enjoy using your Authentique Paper Collections in new ways!

Supplies Used: 
Delightful Collection: 6x6 pad, Elements, Details; Wonder Collection Large Type
Additional Supplies:
Corner Chomper, Crop-o-Dile, 1" punch, paper cutter, ModPodge, paintbrush, old gift cards, key chain of some kind
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