Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finding my Scrapping Mojo Once Again!

Well, I'm back in the swing of things and finally creating MWM's again! I haven't stopped crafting, but I lost a bit of my "mojo" towards the end of my pregnancy. I seemed to have found it once again though!!

Here is the last of the Turquoise series, and sadly, the only one I completed: Turquoise 10 created by the lovely Kristy Lee.
Hello Sister!
I loved creating this layout. The photo was taken in the hospital, and every time that Isla saw Rowan, she would say "Hello Sister!". It was perfect.

My lovely friend Erin created this layout for the next series, Pearl. She is a lovely and wonderful person, one that I totally wished lived down the street from me. This sketch was super fun and easy to use, it took a mere hour to put the layout together. It was perfect!
Proud Big Sister
I seriously love this October Afternoon paper. It's called Sidewalks, and it's super fun to use with two little girls. I thought that it may be too whimsical for my normal style, but it's just lovely. I even stamped a white envelope to use for my journaling. <3
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