Friday, October 26, 2012

Studio Calico Layout and a Birthday Card

I've not been crafting like I like to. Well, I made another layout, but haven't gone to Costco to actually grab any photos. I'm that crafter right now. We're in the middle of moving currently. Or rather, in the middle of packing stuff we don't use, while keeping the stuff we do use daily out. For instance: most of my clothes right now are in boxes. Fun, huh? And we don't move for another three weekends.

Anyway... Here's a layout that I created using a photo of Miss I that was taken just days before Little R was born. I even used the sketch from Studio Calico's sketch from 10/14.

This is a cute Silhouette file that I used for a birthday card. I've been a little lax this week and forgot to send it. I'm thinking I shouldn't be in charge of much lately. 
I had fun distressing this one. Enjoy! Pin It

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  1. Heather, these are both wonderful projects. And I have to say your "I shouldn't be in charge of much" comment made me laugh out loud. I can totally sympathize. :)