Monday, February 10, 2014

Iolite Series!!!! Impressively Iolite!!

I really wanted to get back into scrapbooking life, and I was able to with this last gem from ScrapbookSteals. If you haven't heard or seen the Mid Week Mojo series, please check out this link. Unfortunately, I didn't really get back into blogging regularly and so while many of these were created quite awhile ago, I never blogged them. There are a few that I created while working hard this weekend as well.

Iolite 1: Butterfield Horse
This statue is by Deborah Butterfield, and is on permanent display on the Central Washington University campus. 

Iolite 2: Best Day Ever (Snow Day)
Okay, so this one didn't get blogged because I temporarily lost the memory card with the cutest snow pic on it. I found it over the weekend... And then it snowed :)

Iolite 3: The First Meeting
Throwback pics from when Miss Ro was born!!

Iolite 4: La Fondita
Just a little special remembrance of one of our outings to a favorite restaurant of ours.

Iolite 5: Date Night!!
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Iolite 6: Today
Another layout that I had finished on time, but just never got around to blogging... Seriously, I'm going to really try to get these all done in a timely fashion this next series!!

Iolite 7: Holiday Card 2013
This one has also been floating around my craft studio for awhile. I just loved the banners on this. 

Iolite 8: Family
A quickie family portrait during a family member's wedding reception. I really loved the banner, and swapped the second photo for a pile of die cuts. Mainly because I didn't have a second photo. :)

Iolite 9: Your View
I snapped this photo over the summer, during a quiet moment at the park. I know I've scrapped a different version of this day, but this moment was just special.

Iolite 10: Love

Since this one is on time!! Here's the sketch for it:
This isn't quite complete yet. Mainly because I am going to add quite a bit of journaling, but I haven't figured out exactly what I want to say quite yet. I'm still mulling it over. We don't get a lot of photos of just the two of us, and I'm working on that. I did however use that fantastic Teresa Collins/Xyron stapler. My favorite tool next to my Silhouette.
Well, there you go. I'm now Impressively Iolite. Pin It

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  1. Great work Heather!. I love the "Your View" layout!