Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm GOLD baby!!!! (ScrapbookSteals MWM 41-50)

Another 10 layouts (not including SS challenges, or additional layouts...) and I made GOLD! Okay, so I have a few Sapphire layouts to round out my 50 total... But this has been a pretty productive year so far. So, without further ado... My GOLD layouts for's Mid-Week Mojo's!!

MWM 41: Adults Only!
MWM 42: NBPTS: The Box
MWM 43: New Friends
MWM 44: A Day in the Life
MWM 45: Where'd He Go?
MWM 46: Junior Daffodil Parade
MWM 47: Good Morning (Good Morning, Good Morning)
MWM 48: Cute
MWM 49: Going 2 the Zoo!
MWM 50: B.F.F

I'm ready for the next two to finalize the year. I cannot wait to continue with year two!! Pin It

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  1. Your layouts are all fantastic! Such an inspiration!