Monday, July 25, 2011

MWM 51, 52 and Sapphire!!

Here are my layouts for Sapphire!! I finally finished the last few that I was working on. I also added the next two layouts to round out my 52 for 52 weeks for ScrapbookSteals' Mid-Week Mojos! I know! 52 layouts in 52 weeks, plus challenges, and additional layouts!! That's a lot of scrapping... No wonder I have so much stuff!!


MWM 31: Ho, Ho, Ho!
MWM 32: Wonderful
MWM 33: Happy Birthday
MWM 34: Little Guy
MWM 35: Isla, It's You
MWM 36
MWM 37: What do You Want Chica to Wear?
MWM 38: Little Kisses
MWM 39: Isla Sofi: You are so Beautiful
MWM 40: Easter 2011

And the next Jewel...
MWM 51: Happy Birthday
MWM 52: Lovely
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  1. Wow, so many amazing layouts- great work! :)

  2. AMAZING TO GET 52 LAYOUTS IN 52 WEEKS!!!! Wish I could do that! There's so many fabulous ones. I especially love Wonderful and Easter 2011. Thanks for linking up to Scrappy Saturdays! Featuring this on Friday Favorites (late).