Saturday, December 3, 2011

My First Ever Published Piece... And a Bit of Truth

The past few weeks, I have been creatively drained. It's not often that I really want to admit to such truths... But I really haven't been too into crafting. Or reading, cleaning, or generally doing much of anything. I've even been lazy on Pinterest.

I digress however, because this week I did have some amazing news! I was contacted in October/November about a card that I made during World Cardmaking Day. I looked on the Scrapbook & Cards Today blog and saw a cute Becky Fleck sketch that was for one of their "calls". So, I created a cute little Christmas card using the ever-so-fantastic Authentique Wonder papers.

Well, Becky Fleck herself (I KNOW!) emailed me, and asked if I wanted to be published... UM, YES!

Long story short, the magazine, Scrapbook & Cards Today came out on December 2nd. And my card got a page! WOOT!
My card is located on page 46. I know you want to go and check it out!!!

My mojo is slowly coming back... I'll be back to normal soon <3 Pin It


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