Saturday, February 11, 2012

Found on Pinterest: Valentine's Crayon Cards

While my own little family isn't too big on Valentine's Day, I know that little kiddos love it. It's an excuse to give and receive candy treats. Being in education, I also know how VDay can stir up a lot of sugar induced crazy. And, I love my childcare providers and want to at least temper the insanity without adding to it. So when I saw this lovely how-to on Pinterest, I knew that I wanted to do these instead of store-bought Valentine's.
From start to finish, These babies took only about 1.5 hours. That included unwrapping and breaking the crayons (these took about 40 Crayola crayons), stuffing the silicone heart pan, melting them and letting them harden. While they were melting and then hardening, I went to work on the card bases.

A simple 2 1/8" circle punch, some reddish cardstock and a white Signo pen created the card back, and an AC pop dot stuck those babies on there. I tried to use regular Glue Dots, but the crayons were a little concave on the back. The pop dot glue actually made them stick to the circles.
I think these were my favorite ones. They remind me of some of my favorite Mark Rothko paintings. MMM... Modern art!!

Anyway, these were super simple, and look SO much cuter than anything with a logo on them. Plus, except for the cost of the pan, if you have cardstock and crayons lying around, they are super cheap!

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