Friday, February 3, 2012

A Little Uncommon Treat from

Hello all!! It's Heather here, and I have a cute little Valentine's project using Authentique. Currently, has Uncommon as their deal of the day!! Better get this fast, as it is going quick! 

So, my little project is a cute treat holder, and a wonderful little Valentine's card for a special someone. 

For the candy holder, just create a tube of paper, and use your ATG gun (my FAVORITE!!) to close the paper into the tube. Crimp one side, and staple or stitch with your favorite tine (Twinery, again from!!)
Fill the end of the tube with your treats, and crimp the opposite end the opposite way. Again, staple or stitch together.
The card is pretty easy too. It just looks a lot more difficult than it really is!
I just cut out a heart (you could also use a punch or machine) from my cover paper. Then I ATG'd a piece of clear plastic (you can use whatever is around... This is actually wrapper from some embellishments). Glue around the heart, over the plastic, place your punched shapes, and lastly place the background color. Then, just glue the whole thing onto your card base. Decorate and you're done.
I hope that you enjoyed my little projects today. I also hope that you really snag the great deals that has!! Every day at 9 am MST.

Project 100 update:  29/100 Pin It

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  1. Gorgeous projects! I especially love the heart confetti card!!!