Sunday, October 19, 2014

Erin Condren Life Planner Review** 2014-2015

This is a much different post from my normal crafty posts**. Mainly, because I want to share my love for planners. I have two planners from High School that I know are still in my parent's attic, where every page is filled with assignments, babysitting gigs, shifts from my restaurant job (I still miss that place!), and all of the school and friend activities that I did. I looked at them fondly the last time I saw them, and couldn't believe how busy I was. It was slightly crazy. 

So in 2013, when I was looking for a planner, I checked them all out. I looked at ARC planners, the small ones that were at all of the local box and bookstores, I pinned printables, I created documents, etc. I settled on the Erin Condren Life Planner (my referral link for $10 off) after a ton of research and the recommendations of a few of my fellow crafty friends (Thanks Melanie!).  That, and I really didn't want to spend any more time recreating something that would probably work for my needs.
I was really satisfied with my purchase last year. I use it pretty much in a standard way, and don't alter it in any way. I know some people do, and it works for them. I just keep it with a Morning, Day and Night, and enter stuff in according to where in the day the task or event happens. Last year I snagged the Gold Edition and loved it. This year, I chose a different cover (Jolly Jester) and love all of the colors in the triangles. I don't care about super-personalized stuff, and this planner meets all my needs. Plus, I can always switch out the cover if I want to later.
Here's one of the weekly pages from last year's planner that I didn't use. Reality check is: I didn't really use this a TON until I got a purse that actually fit my planner in it. Now I carry it everywhere and love it! Plus, I'm super organized, which makes everyone in my family happy.

I did grab a couple of things this year that I didn't snag before. I really loved these stickers, and created two sheets that are perfect for my family. I mean really, who doesn't love stickers that say "Seahawks"?!?! Plus, I was able to color code a few things per our small family. Guinness the dog even has a few stickers for himself!
I also snagged these little clips. So many times did I forget an invite, coupon, or other important document on our kitchen calendar and paid for it in time and forgetfulness later. This year, I'm just going to clip those little things in my planner and find them where they should be. ErinCondren also includes a few of these fantastic stickers in your order. I found that these were great to use for present wrapping. Tie up a package with twine, slap one of those bad boys on, and BAM: Present Wrapped.
The only little thing that I do add to my planner Mini Post-It notes, and Post-It Tabs, both in neon colors. This way, if there is something that I really don't have a date for, or want to really move around... I can easily move it around. I also use these for more room when I need, but I haven't found that I need them for that reason as this planner does have a ton of room. I also use these pens from Staedtler. They are my favorite. I grabbed mine at Target, but a TON of places have them now.
In conclusion, I love my Life Planner. I've found great customer service and for the one issue I did have with last year's planner, took care of it in a manner that I was comfortable with purchasing from them again.

**I was in NO way compensated for this review. The review, photographs and opinions are solely mine, and only because I love the product. If you would like to purchase one, you can get $10 off by clicking here. Pin It

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