Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Project Life Basket: How I Organize My Weekly Scrapbooking Part 1

I figured out the cause of my lack of mojo. An unclean room (since tidied!) and the lingering thought that I haven't really started my summer of Project Life... I like the idea of capturing what goes on during the week, however during the school year it's just not feasible. Not because I cannot keep up, more because life is a lot more monotonous, scheduled, the same each week.

And since I have a studio to work in, I really cannot drag all of my stuff downstairs, or other places. So I created a PL basket. Just enough stuff to create at least a month's of pages without having to have anything additional. I also kind of enjoy not being attached to my Silhouette (blasphemy, I know!!) for everything. I could just go buy the kits, but that's no fun!! I have the page holders, but really just want to use my stash for the filler cards.
Here's my basket!! It seriously has everything I need! I already made a month's worth of pages. In 24 hours. Seriously! Even my cute Xyron 1½" Create-A-Sticker Machine!!
And the other side.
I have quite a few pre-cut 4x6 and 3x4 cards that I made a couple of Silhouette magazine holders for (4x6, 3x4). Include a 6x6 pad of cardstock, and at least one of patterned paper, or the leftovers of one of my Gossamer Blue kits... And the month is set.  
A handful of various letter sets, used up (almost) and brand new. All small and rather thin. This way, I can put them on pics, pages, etc.
Random assortment of enamel dots, flair, Elle's Studio pieces, etc. Anything small and fun.
A date stamp and some sequins. In those little bags that come with sweaters.
Scissors, a ruler, corner chomper, Signo pen, at least one color of journaling pen (but who's counting... I have six on the other side).
Small cutter and 8.5"x11" cutting board.
Mini stapler and a sketch pad.
And here's the beginning of my pages. I'll have to show more this week. I'm super excited to start getting somewhat caught up!!

Tomorrow, I am going to share my tricks for organizing my weeks and my photos. I have a few Apps that I LOVE that make this whole process SO much easier. Especially when I don't have a great photo printer in my house.

And just because... My newly organized buttons and brads! I took out all of the tiny ones... Love the color, NEVER used them.
Don't they look all pretty now?!?!?! Although, I realized I really need more yellow buttons. That one is looking a little lonely.

***Project Life is a system of memory keeping created by Becky Higgins.  You can learn more here***

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  1. This is a fantastic idea! I have two rooms upstairs (both of my kids are gone) but in the evening, I watch TV downstairs with my hubby. I never thought of doing this. I love it! So I have to steal this idea from you, is that okay? If you send me your address, I will send you some yellow buttons...I know, I don't use them that often, but they are pretty!


    1. You are SO sweet to offer!! Maybe a trade instead? :)