Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! Xyron Announces it's Fall/Winter 2014 Design Team
EEK! When I completed last Fall/Winter's Xyron Design Team session, I had to make the decision to step down from applying for Spring/Summer to complete my National Boards for Teaching. I knew that I needed to give those my all, and simplify a few things... So I took some time off, asked Beth and the lovely Julie to think of me fondly, and shared that I would apply again in the Summer. When Beth asked me to make sure that I applied, of COURSE I got that application in.

I am happy to share that I will be crafting my heart out for the next six months alongside with my fellow Xyron team members. Make sure that you check out their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Gallery and Blog for all the new information and ideas!

New Design Team Members:
Returning Design Team members:
Sharon Callis
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