Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Using Up Those Old Kits... (Gossamer Blue August 2013)

It's probably ironic that it took me an entire year to use up this kit (Gossamer Blue August 2013). It was just too darn pretty to use quickly. I even added a little more cardstock to complete these. The first two are baby cards for school. We had (and more are on their way!) quite a few babies on staff this last year. A few were, and are to be born this summer. It's super exciting!
The first is rather unisex. The blues and pink balance out, and the touch of yellow makes it not too gender specific. The second is obviously for a boy. I love the Lawn Fawn dies (Scripty Hello and Stitched Party Banners) and think that both of these shine because of them.
The last card is really not specific. It's a congratulatory card... But for what? I'm not sure yet, but I'm sure that it will be used somehow.

And that finishes the August 2013 Gossamer Blue kit. I think there are just a couple of buttons left, but I'll find uses for those at a later date. Pin It

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  1. Every time I see you use the stitched banner die, I feel that it is a necessity. Your cards are gorgeous!