Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Little Project 12 Sneakpeek, and a Freebie Silhouette File!

Hello!! I hope that all of you had a great weekend. I crafted a bit, pinned a bit, hung out a lot. Let the girls nap, went to church, had a great breakfast, and just overall enjoyed early Spring.

I started my Project 12 already for this month. Or rather, started the title piece. Which of course led me to create a file for all of the months of the year. I used a font that was already on my computer, but changed a few things so that it would make a good cut file. I love when things look purposefully offset, so mixed up the letters a bit.
The file is for all of the months. They are all lowercase, so if you like things correctly capitalized... This may not be the right file for you. If you're like me and like the whimsy, it's pretty fun!
Here is a pic of what the file looks like. I filled in the titles for emphasis. The file does not have filled color. If you'd like the file, HERE IS THE LINK. Enjoy!!
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  1. I love the whimsy of it, actually! Great work. :)