Monday, March 11, 2013

February's Project 12 with Gossamer Blue

Last month was a little bit of a pain-in-the-butt. Mainly because we all got sick. All of us. At random times, and not always the most convenient at that. And, my printer ran out of ink. So there isn't journaling... yet.
Anyway... I used my February Gossamer Blue kit for this. I did add a few bits of Elle's Studio. They had a fantastic sale in February, and I was feeling a little down... So did a bit of retail therapy. In doing so, I found out they were local (north of Seattle!!). I L-O-V-E supporting local, so definitely will be purchasing again from them directly.
Here are a few of the details... A little Macklemore (again, LOCAL!!!), a beautiful walk, sicky babies, a beautiful and sunny Northwest day, and more!
Like my "Journaling will go here" Photoshopped title?? Me neither, but I'm outta ink, and have a plan. A few more neat photos, including one of irises that were growing on the other side of my fence. Who knew?!?!?! Okay... So I really don't "do" plants. But I did Google, and found out that after they bloom I can transplant some somewhere else. I think.
I took quite a few sweet photos this month, so even added those in a separate holder with six pics. Of course, I forgot the snap the other side. That's how it's going today. Pin It

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