Monday, August 8, 2011

How To: Yarn Wreath (Part 1: the wreath)

So... This is Part 1 of my fun yarn wreath! I love this project! Seriously... It's not that difficult, and looks AMAZING when it's finished. Once it's all finished... It's also not that expensive. The project does take awhile, and this is really the most time consuming part. More so, if you're kind of particular like me... :)

Step One: Gather your supplies. I have a foam wreath ($4.99 from JoAnn's), some grey yarn (acrylic, but you could use anything, wool might 'felt' better at the end of the project!), and some stick pins (I snagged these out of my MIL's garage sale).
Step Two: Find a starting point. I would suggest that you avoid the 'seam' that is located on the foam wreath. Not because it's the biggest deal, but more because it's kind of annoying to start there... The yarn would snag on the seam. Use a stick pin to jab the yarn onto the wreath.
Step Three: Just start wrapping. There really is no science to this. I suggest popping in a movie, or watching a show while you are working on this... It takes awhile. I think this one in particular took about 2 hours. Let's put it this way, I watched a few DVR'd shows!!
Step 4: After you've wrapped a section, tighten up the wrapped area. I just twisted the yarn tighter, then wrapped more, tightened, etc.
Step 5: When you need to... Use another pin to keep the yarn tight.
Step 6: Keep working. Seriously, it takes awhile!!
Step 7: When I was at the end, I simply wrapped everything fairly tight, and used the beginning piece of yarn as my tie off spot. I made a double knot, where I could also use this area to hang the wreath if I wanted to.
Step 8: Totally optional, but I prefer to make my yarn wreath look more 'felted'. I took this neatly rowed yarn... And rubbed it really hard to make it look more like this...
It's just that little extra touch that I feel makes it more special. I think next time, I'm going to use wool yarn in order to create a truly felted look.
Thanks for looking at my wreath! Stay tuned for how I love to decorate these wreaths!!!
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  1. Oh, I'm staying tuned all right. This is great! Also your card and your lo. WOW!!!!! I love how you use A!

  2. Can you post a link to see what you did to decorate this wreath? Thanx

  3. Yup!

    And here:

    Thanks for looking!!