Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How To: Yarn Wreath (Part 2: the flowers!)

Before I debut my finished project... I really want to share how I make these cool flowers! The flower is one of what would be many flowers used in order to make a kusudama flower ball. I like them seperate though, especially using them for fantastic patterned papers!! To make this a little easier to see, and so that the pattern wouldn't distract from the folds... I used a piece of dual colored paper.

Step 1: Cut 5 squares of paper. I used 4" paper, but you could go smaller or bigger. My suggestion however, would be use thinner paper for smaller flowers. It's also helpful to have a straight-edge of some kind, and a bone folder. Not necessary, but helpful.
Step 2: Use your bone folder (if you are using one) and score the center of the paper, diagonally.
Step 3: Fold the paper into half, so that it makes a triangle.
Step 4: Fold the 'arms' of the triangle up to the top of the first triangle.
(Step 4 again!)
See the work in process, you end up with a square again.
Step 5: This is a little complicated, so I'm going to try to make it simple. You're going to take the folded 'arms' of the triangle you made in Step 3, and flatten them out. Line up the crease of the edge of the paper with the outside of the square shape. This is a perfect spot for using your bone folder to sharpen those folds!
Step 6: Fold down the pointed area of the arm. Do the same to the other 'arm'.
Step 7: Fold the arm in half onto itself. Do this to both sides.
Step 8: You are going to round the origami shape so that the folds are now touching. This is where the glue dot will go. Whatever you do, just don't make a fold!
Step 9: Use a glue dot, and stick the two arms together!
Like this!! Round the shape as needed.
Step 10: Do this to the other four pieces of paper!!
Step 11: You're ready to 'build' the flower. Use glue dots, or some kind of adhesive to stick all of the petals together.
Here are three petals stuck together!
And the completed flower!!!!
The back of the flower!
Step 12: Getting ready to use for the wreath... I realized that the flowers themselves aren't particularly sturdy... So, I used a low-temp glue gun to add some solidity to the back of the flower. The way that I'm going to show you tomorrow how these are used, doesn't need the back showing.
If you are going to use the flowers in a more visible way, you could pipe glue into the center of the flower if you wanted. Just make sure that you cannot see it from the top of the flower!

I will post the finalized project using my Authentique papers tomorrow!!!

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