Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How To: Yarn Wreath (Part 3: Decorating!!!)

Here is the final version of my yarn wreath! I love this, and am planning on gifting it next month! For this project, I wanted to use some of the papers from Authentique.
Here are the rest of the directions on how to complete this project.

Side note... I dropped the wrapped wreath this morning and the seam busted open. So, I had to glue it, fix the yarn, then wrap this wide ribbon around the wreath's seam to cover up my accident. No one will ever know!!

Step 1: You can cover the seam of the wreath with a wide ribbon (totally by choice, but it does add that extra something!)
Step 2: Pin the ribbon using fabric pins. Don't spend lots of money on these, those gorgeous stick pins are too expensive for something that is not going to be seen.
Step 3: Stick on of your flowers where you want to add it, I used a combination of stick pins, and hot glue to make it stay in place.
See my hot glue. Again... It's in the back. No one will know :)
Step 4: Add more flowers, bling them if you want more sparkle! I attached a Theresa Collins (thanks swap buddy!) gem to the center of a flower.
Step 5: Make smaller flowers!! I just used a couple of strips of paper (about 1/2") to add smaller flowers. Take the strip...
...and crumple it up! The more damage you can do to the paper fibers, the better!! Rips don't really matter either, they will just help to give the flower more detail.
Step 6: Fold the strip of paper in half lengthwise, perfection is NOT your friend in this!
Step 7: Wrap up the "rose", leaving some extra paper to finish the flower. Then use a glue dot at the bottom to stick the extra paper to the bottom! Cut it when you are done.
Here is what the front looks like.
And the back with the extra cut off!
Step 8: Use another stick pin, in a color that matches, or contrasts, the paper flowers. I chose pink, as there are small bits of bright pink color in the Authentique Blissful papers!
Step 9: Make more flowers, use buttons, brads, stick pins, etc. to add more definition, color and interest. Stick pins just stick into the foam. I used glue dots to attach the threaded buttons (the thread just finishes them off). Brads are super simple... Just make sure that the tines of the brad are together... And try to slip them between yarn pieces.
Step 10: I know that the majority of the items are located on one side of the wreath... Create a visual triangle (which makes the eye travel back and forth through your work) by adding a few pieces of interest in a different part of the wreath.
Step 11: To hang the wreath, I hot glued a circle of thinner ribbon on to itself. I used another stick pin to make the ribbon stay in one place. Again... Color doesn't matter since you won't see it!
Final version!!
Closeups of the wreath.
And the visual triangle!
See how the small amount of detail creates a more powerful image...
I hope you enjoyed this three part project! It probably took me about 6 hours to create the entire wreath.

As far as my 100 projects... I'm counting this as three!! Hee hee!!

P.S. I'm still in love with Authentique!!

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  1. Heather, this is seriously beyond stunning. I am so in love with the colors, the details, the sophistication yet the quite feminine feel of it. I've always enjoyed your work. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. I loved the atypical color combinations you used. This is so amazing Heather. It's crazy pretty.

  3. Love love LOVE! This is so gorgeous! Great job Heather!

  4. wow its beautiful! I love the color combos and the unique flowers..I want to make one of these asap!

  5. Great idea to use the kusudama flowers on this wreath, Heather! Beautiful!