Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Pink Paint of Doom...

When we moved into our house, the living room was painted an odd salmon color with a lighter pink, and burgundy trim. It had to go. I chose Edgecomb Grey (a Benjamin Moore color, that I had made out of Behr Premium Plus), a wonderful taupey grey that I just loved. It was warm enough for our oak floors, but cool enough to go with our furniture. I had started painting awhile ago, but hasn't finished. Well, this weekend I had had it with the pink.

Isn't it just divine? I seriously love it.
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  1. I didn't just move, but I did just repaint my living room. I don't remember the color but it is a taupey grey and I paired it with greek villa white from Sherwin Williams. I remember that one because I carried it over from the adjacent dining room trim. I also replaced the very old blinds. The only item left to replace for me is the fireplace cover. I have not done this before, but it is sooo dated. The rest of the room looks so great, Oh yeah I put in a new bronze/coppery ceiling fan with the same outlet and light switch covers...I am very please, I too think the color goes with a lot of other colors. Thanks for the post!